14 Quotes From Fight Club To Completely Change Your Perspective On Life

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This iconic film has two of my favorite actors Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. The complete madness of a film makes us wonder what having a mental illness might do to us sometimes. The movie has one of the most hard hitting scripts while the dialogue are the one’s that will stay will us forever. Here are 14 truth bombs from the film to lead an ideal life. If you don’t know anything about this film then let this be your introduction to get your mind blown:

  1. About materialism

2. Again another about fake ideals and materialism


3. The truth about human existence today

4. Media screwing us up, outted.

5. For when you lose hope

6. YESS! No to materialism!

7. Truth bomb!

8. The ultimate freedom

9. About this “free” life we live that is owned by people in power.

10. About the inevitability of death.

11. About self pleasuring.

12. truths!

13. Motivation to get up and do something!

14. Best quote! Our beauty lies in our imperfections!

By  Savitha Isaac | TheBoredMind

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