6 Sentences That People Say To Manipulate You!

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We all know this situation: False people enter our lives, appear innocent and interested, but actually just want to oppress and manipulate us to get what they want. They can be family members, sometimes friends, colleagues or even partners. These kinds of people are around every corner and often we don’t even notice what their true intention is. Studies have shown that narcissistic, manipulative people can even deliberately destroy our lives through various methods.

Every decision made by these people puts their interests and their interests alone into focus and causes them to act unscrupulously. So it’s good to know what manipulation techniques they use to keep us under control:


1. “You’re so _______.”

Jealous“, “crazy“, “disturbed“, “not of sound mind” – whatever. Sociopaths often attack us at the lowest level to reduce our self-esteem and make us insecure. They justify their behavior because our criticism of their own “great personality” is incomprehensible to them.


2. “I don’t understand why you’re reacting this way!”

A popular form of psychological control is “gaslighting,” which serves to deliberately disorient and deeply unsettle the victim. They consciously do something that triggers a negative reaction and put us in the spotlight because we have reacted so negatively. With sentences like “I don’t understand why you’re reacting this way!” , they blame us.


3. “Don’t be so sensitive!”

When a narcissist deliberately provokes us or enrages us, they defend what they have said by presenting us as too sensitive. “You have to grow a thicker skin!” This is a way of deflecting all guilt and continuing to draw us in.


4. “Stop being so dramatic!”

When manipulative people respond with words like “stop being so dramatic!“, they want to make us feel small by playing down our entire emotional world and not taking it seriously. They’re trying to confuse us, so we end up believing we really are too dramatic.


5. “You’re thinking way too much about this!”

Sure, we think a lot about such situations and, of course, we also question our own reactions because we want the best for both sides and strive to find a solution. Manipulative people don’t want that. They often drive us to the edge of madness, purely so that we lose confidence in our own gut feeling.


6. “You’d never cope without me!”

Once you have managed to expose a manipulative person, you realize their true intention. This person does not want a normal relationship with us, either platonic or in any other form. No, this kind of person wants control over us by taking away our self-confidence and confusing us. It can be a challenge to remove them from our lives because they can charm us as well when they want to. But your life will be so much better without the constant negativity.

Because one thing is certain: we all do not need narcissistic, negative people in our lives and we can definitely get along WITHOUT them!

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