Animal control officer who dragged injured dog has been fired

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The Animal Control Officer who was seen heartlessly dragging an injured dog by the neck over gravel and rocks to the truck has been fired. The Alice Echo News Journal posted that Rose Mary Hawkins, the city worker who was allegedly seen in the photographs, has been dismissed. “Joslin stated it was a personnel issue.”

When a local resident and her father found the dog who had been shot three times lying on the street outside their home, they called animal control thinking that they would help the dog. Both of them were shocked when the ACO simply threw a rope around the dog’s neck and began to drag the dog toward her truck. They told local media they even offered to pick the dog up and carry it to the truck. The father told reporters that they had petted the dog and it wagged its tail — it was a friendly dog.

The dog arrived at the shelter alive but was euthanized. The Alice Police Department continues to investigate. They said that there is a criminal and civil investigation into this matter. According to the news article, Hawkins defended herself by stating,

“What people don’t understand is that this is a hard job.”

It appears that the Alice Police Department is investigating all the events in this case including who shot the dog. See also the original article, “Heartless animal control officer drags injured, shot dog by neck with catch pole.”

Source :examiner.

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