Anonymous donor pays $2.5 million to release everyone arrested at the Dakota Access Pipeline

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screenshot7925Family members of Caddo Nation chairwoman Tamara Francis-Fourkiller said an anonymous donor paid $2.5 million late Saturday afternoon to release everyone arrested on Thursday at the Dakota Access Pipeline site.

The project, which would transport crude oil from the Bakken oil field to a refinery near Chicago, first sparked demonstrations in April, when members of the Standing Rock Lakota and other Native American nations rode on horseback and established the Sacred Stone “spiritual camp”.

Thousands of activists have since traveled to Cannon Ball, North Dakota, including members of tribes from across the US, launching a huge and continuing protest that has become a rallying cry for indigenous rights, climate change activism and environmental conservation.

Leaders of the Standing Rock Sioux say the pipeline, a project of the Texas-based corporation Energy Transfer Partners, threatens the water supply and cultural heritage and would destroy sacred lands.

Chanting “Water is life!” Saturday, the Oklahoma demonstrators hope to rally people from around the country to stand with those in North Dakota and stop construction on the pipeline project.

“These pipelines, you hear of a lot of bursts and leaks and it contaminating the waters. What happens when all of our waters and resources are gone?” Nevaquaya said.

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  1. Thank you

  2. Thank you for posting and digging for the TRUTH.

  3. Leave these peoples land alone!

  4. Awesome Thanks for your help!!This Fight involves us All!!The eyes of the World are watching!!!

  5. Great…Spirit works in miraculous ways…..Aum….

  6. wonderful.we need such donors for THE ONE FAITH MISSION IN KENYA programes.kindly check it out.

  7. Thank you for caring enough. May God help the natives, and all of us should stand in unity with them. Usa should never talk about human rights BC they violated many as they are violating it now.

  8. Good Men

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