January 26, 2022

3 thoughts on “Anonymous Message to the Indigo Children of the world. – Video

  1. What is so sad is i am a PROPER empath..(there are alot out there who are false)..i have put it out twice on two occassions on what will happen..i tell them..they do not listen..how do we fix it?..i wish i knew..Im being watched by Fbi federal government and they have also tried to get on my fb page and my email was hacked..they seem to believe me..but no one else.

  2. I consider myself an Indigo, and I think we simply have never crossed paths. I’ve been working in secret for some time now about the very thing you speak of. We are very much in agreement. But you missed the most crucial piece to the puzzle. The main problem is religion. That is really what I work against. I’m not a fuzzy bunny Indigo, I’m not about unicorns and rainbows. I’m an atheist and I have a certain amount of psychic ability.

    I have a blog where I speak out. I have made predictions that have come true. But I can barely get direct acknowledgement. They ignore me.

    What can one ignored person do? What would you like me to do to help your cause? If I can prove myself will you ignore me, too?

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