Anonymous Message To The leaders Of The World – Video

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  2. Only by overcoming the greed and lust for power will the globalists change but it’s highly unlikely. Remove their power by standing together as world citizens against them can we persevere but we are infiltrated by their barbaric tool of islam that we will never change. It may be that some will see the truth and join humanity but we must keep them and the other evil onesfrom destroying us. They come as wolves in sheep’s clothing

  3. As a person thats been through a lot an noticed what this socity dimands money power riches an fame bueaty an looks the rich get richer an pay to cover up for there many mastakes a you think they should not get blamed for there actions for once lets see them incarsrated for there misleadding an manipulatting ways they take inasanse from children the rape there mothers an daughters sisters an others an put there children in jail just to provide for there familys sins theres a lot of racile profilong in the united states they discremante hispanics mexcans there relgins why do you think the pope went to mexico an nothing happend to him an you know why because they still have so type of respect for the worlds largest relagin i do boulive that respect an loyalty is everthying an we all now what we get our selfs in so pointing fingers on other people an not taking blame for what they have done everyone in this world has something that there not proud off so if you want to point finggers take action for what you have done all this reamber for those that do not boulive you bitches powerfull people rich people an everyone else that fallowes there is an after life so dont go crying to your mommy an daddy or how ever the fuck told you to be who you are you could of changed that a while a go so with said anonymous dont ask me for my appion if your being a follower not a leader take your own words in to considaration an see whats going on in the jail sytems in the united states false acusations against people an you now dame well lady’s or should I say h…… Or a lot of woman make falls statements against guys you act like imuature adults that never got punished I think it’s about time so start of with seeing was up with jail sytems in the united sates then i might take you siruscly yeah i might not now how to spell really well at least im smart inoff not to be a fallowed right just saying an onistly I don’t know we’re to start off you’ll see that im not the first family they done it too

  4. I like the speech and hope they listen ! Keep up the great info live on and prosper!

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