January 26, 2022

3 thoughts on “Anonymous: Press Statement (#OpIcarus)

  1. Logic and reasoning skills were not taught via the education system..Unless someone is born with those skills;people do not understand. If the masses cannot understand they cannot be unified as a whole. Continue your teaching. Some will rail at being taught while others will embrace knowledge and wisdom. We cannot just say “rise up and do your part to protect humanity when persons cannot grasp what their part is.”I believe it is not anyone’s intent to be led but being led has been taught.We must find a way to teach people to embrace living outside of ones comfort zone.Even the most basic existence can be a persons comfort zone. It is their norm; it is what they have been taught to be used to.Someone must lead or at least have a semblance of leading.Leading is not the norm for Anonymous but somehow it must be done.Posts about the horrific things going on in the world is a good start but doing something is a more difficult task.I do what I do and have these things posted on my timeline. Clear evidence of bank fraud and yet most are to afraid to look and those who do look do not know what to make of it. Find tasks for Anonymous. (non violent) people love to actually be involved if they believe in something great. Most do not know what to do except rail at the unfairness of a posted news piece. If you wish for this movement to become great…involve people.(make a list of activism) not all of us know how to be hackers or like myself no one else can do what i have done..Adverse possession of real property under color of title due to bank fraud. I think I may be one of the best kept secret of the United States. Find us material where we can act; we mostly with to. just a thought Sincerely Anne

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