Anonymous Protesting for your rights! Anonymous song – Video

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  1. I asked and request assistance and help from Anonymous groups and their supporters to develop and App for me so I can Shut the Federal and States Governments Legally-Peacefully-Safely-Orderly and precise fashion in 24 to 72 Hours, and No One, I mean No One came forward, I even sent the same to RON PAUL (Institute for Peace and Prosperity), now I have challenged the most important group ANONYMOUS who claim they defend the rights of others, and RON PAUL who want to shut the Federal Reserve Bank of USA. and now I am challenging every reader of this comment, and once in a while I post about it. To contact me find me on Facebook

  2. Why would anyone make such a App just for you? If this was possible in the first place, It would have all ready been out and used.

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