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Greetings world.
We are Anonymous. And we are Anonymous because we are many and we are many things at the same time. We are just like you, struggling with tyranny and the events that have been unfolding these times. We are different individuals sharing the same collective and essential purpose: to be able to free the world and ourselves from oppression and control. Next to the powerful and the greedy our safest hope is to stand together against them and their politics that have made us ALL condemned to a life of modern slavery and violence. Whatever our individual, religious, political beliefs are we can only prosper and even survive if we stay together and fight for our common basic beliefs: a world in which we all matter and all are free to choose how we are going to develop throughout life. Without this, none of us will stand.
So our appeal today is not only to our fellow Anons out there, but to all citizens of the world, whatever their beliefs are.
We ask you to unite, share thoughts, be understanding and find common grounds through peace.
There are numerous movements concerning freedom and sustainability.
We call to all of those who advocate for freedom and peace through those movements to unite, communicate and think together, sharing your knowledge.
When the time comes we will need to fight the oppressors and we have better chances if we support each other.
They are smart and have learned to work together in order to achieve their common goals – they know that killing each other will bring no benefit for none. Most of them are very intelligent individuals – they just use it for their own benefit.
There are also very intelligent people in the resistance side, all over the world, with the capacity to change the world if united.
We call to all of you once again to unite and break the history cycles of violence and destruction, pain and hunger against the people.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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