Behold, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ dabs made of 3000 grams of pure cannabis extract

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These big honkin’ amber orbs are made from an extract that is 99 percent THC.

Photo courtesy of @RainCityBadger via Instagram

“Dragon Ball Z of dabs!” wrote the British Columbia cannabis enthusiast on Instagram. “Behold the giant terpy orb of THC!”

Schwartz is not the first to see these big honkin’ amber orbs of THC and think of a ‘Dragon Ball.’ This is how Seattle’s X-Tracted lab refers to these balls made of 3000 grams of pure cannabis extract. They consist of a 99 percent THC concentrate known as “The Clear,”

which is made using an extraction process that isolates the essential cannabis compounds, known as cannabinoids, from the rest of the plant. The product is so pure it was actually initially created as a treatment for patients with epileptic seizures.

The ‘terpy’ Schwartz speaks of are terpenes, aromatic oils that can be used to control the flavor and effects of the THC and other compounds. Most extraction processes remove the terpenes, but X-Tracted uses a special technique in which they reintroduce the terpenes into the extract.


Anyway. These big balls aren’t made as a standalone product for the public, as cool as it would be to slink them around your arms like that goth kid at summer camp with the glass juggling balls. Getting your own mitts on an orb will require some chemical know-how or a friend at the company making them.

These orbs, however, are often used to create a variety of byproducts, like oil cartridges, dabbable rosins, and even edibles. If you happen to find a prehistoric mosquito frozen in time in any of these products, perhaps refrain from using it to clone any dinosaurs for an amusement park. It has been tried before and, lordy, it just does not seem to turn out for the best.

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