Bono wades into EU debate: Britain voting to leave would be UNTHINKABLE, claims U2 star

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BONO has waded into the European Union debate by telling US politicians they should be “be worried” about Britain cutting ties with Brussels.

 Bono-660515The U2 frontman yesterday urged members of Congress to confront an “existential threat” to Europe not since since the 1940s.

He claimed the continent faces a wave of “hyper-nationalism” before warning that Britons could vote to leave the EU on June 23.

The rock legend, best known for 1987 hit With and Without You, said: “This is unthinkable stuff. And you should be very nervous in America about it.”

Bono also discussed the struggles of migrants fleeing their homes in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Appearing before a Senate sub-committee, he said: “Of the top ten countries that are hosting refugees today, five of them are African.

“In Europe, the problem has moved from practical to existential. Let me soberly suggest to you that the integration of Europe, the very idea of European unity, is at risk here.”

He added: “Europe is America’s most important ally since the Second World War.

“Are we not your most important ally in the fight against violent extremism? This should really matter to you. I know it does.

“Put simply, as we Europeans have learned, if the Middle East catches fire, the flames jump any border controls. And if Africa fails, Europe cannot succeed.”

Europe is America’s most important ally


Source : express

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