Censored by algorithms update 17.9.2018

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Alternative media, even pictures with text are being censored by algorithms, across all major social media sites. Lets leave, fuck them sites .If we all leave major sites and join sites that are less censored, such as Minds.com and MeWe.com these are the best alternatives in my opinion. We can avoid some censorship. I know this will not make the big sites change they are all about making money and keeping their customers happy with funny cat videos and such.
People like me that help run pages and groups ,see the true face of censorship, we can see by the reach of our posts. News and upsetting posts get the less views and shares due to people and due to the algorithms, funny posts seem to get shared a shit load with more views then real news, but that I believe is because most of the major sites won’t you to see them.
I do like to share good and bad news there is a lot of good news out there if you search hard enough, more bad news then good news out their today but I like to try and keep a balance on pages and groups.
Algorithms can break or make a leader, discredit, push fake news or censor it.
Year on year Algorithms are getting more intelligent, some search the information you are trying to share and cross check it with fact checking sites, even though nearly all are sponsored by governments, they discredit real articles.
Angry about Facebook censorship ? Then leave. I will stay for the time being as I hope to wake up the masses. I’m a bit pissed with fedbook as of lately, due to if you are an editor or admin of a large page they want you to give them your location. they also want you to pay to get your posts seen by people that have already like the fucking page WTF seriously. Mark Zuckerberg said last thursday 13th about Misinformation “The key is to disrupt their economic incentives. If we make it harder for them to make money, then they’ll typically just go and do something else instead. This is why we block anyone who has repeatedly spread misinformation from using our ads to make money. We also significantly reduce the distribution of any page that has repeatedly spread misinformation and spam. These measures make it harder for them to stay profitable spamming our community.
The third major category of misinformation is shared by regular people in their normal use of our services. This is particularly challenging to deal with because we cannot stop it upstream — like we can by removing fake accounts or preventing spammers from using our ads. Instead, when a post is flagged as potentially false or is going viral, we pass it to independent fact-checkers to review. All of the fact-checkers we use are certified by the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network. Posts that are rated as false are demoted and lose on average 80% of their future views”

He also said he will be working more closely with governments.

He said facebook has removed more than one billion fake accounts in the six months between October and March. Mistakes were made of course, they disabled my real account, I have sent them my ID and still havent got my Real account back.

Read the rest of what he said here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/mark-zuckerberg/preparing-for-elections/10156300047606634/

Trump personally I don’t like, he however is also getting censored tho some of it’s his own fault by posting fake news, and misleading news, algorithms pick up on this too as they use fact checking sites, Independent associated press which are NOT independent, they are unreliable but they are not always wrong. If you are going to tell lies you are less likely to get caught out, if you weave your lies with truths and you tell the truth once in a while when it suits your agenda.
Discord, Teamspeak, etc, you may think you are not being watched but I guarantee you are by AI algorithms that notify agency if certain words are said or comments are made, or just infected with the old fashioned spys. On discord the invite links get shared and anyone can join making them very unsecured if you fancy a private chat about governments or agencies. I will tell you a short story about teamspeak, it was just after 911 and on a server a few people were talking about it, when they got on to the subject of key words at that time they were key words such as 911, The white house, boom, terrorist etc that would get flagged by the algorithms. straight after they had listed a load of key words one person noticed someone had joined, no notification no name just a green icon to show they where online. They had got access with no password given and no name!! they were called out and then spoken to by the people in the group. After a few minutes they left without saying a word. So next time you think you are safe to talk about what you like just remember there is a good chance your whole conversation is being listened too so be careful what you say.

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