June 18, 2021

1 thought on “Eagle Lands On Standing Rock, Allows Water Protectors To Touch Him – Video

  1. I was at Standing Rock September 19-25. The man at right is Curly, the head of security for the Rosebud (Sioux) Camp, a smaller, very beautiful camp right across the Cannon Ball River from the main Oceti Sakowin camp. The story I was told was that this Eagle was poisoned, probably by coyote bait, and that Curly and others had nursed it back to health. So now it keeps coming to visit and lets Curly at least touch it. This happened at least a month before the Buffalo visited.

    Curly was very welcoming towards newcomers. He closed down his business to live at Standing Rock. I gave him some osha AKA bear root AKA chuchupate, which is good for cold and fatigue. It’s very cold and windy there now. They need your prayers. Their legal defense fund needs your donations: http://sacredstonecamp.org

    Aloha to all. Please share this. The US is a very ill eagle. We must nurse it back to life. Thanks, Curly.

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