Eight Different European Countries Just Made These Trump Parody Videos

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Most of the population of the world watched in abject horror as Donald Trump was inaugurated. After the shock wore off, many nations began their resistance against Trump by using satirical videos to expose how absurd of a political figure he truly is, and they did so with hilarious results.

A show based in the Netherlands, “Zondag met Lubach” was the first out of the gate by offering a video to show Trump how wonderful their country is using language Trump could understand. The video, in part, said:

We speak Dutch. It’s the best language in Europe. We’ve got the best words. All the other languages failed. Danish…total disaster. German is not even a real language. It’s fake. It’s a fake language

witzerland was the next to get in on the fun when a show called “Deville Late Night” produced an enormously funny video describing the country to Trump. Rather than talk about their language they opted to discuss their flag and how it was co-opted by the Klu Klux Klan:

We have the best flag. It’s a huge plus. You might know it. Your friends [the KKK] got their flag from us. And like the KKK we also like to ride horses and burn things. Switzerland is very safe.


Germany offered their own version to introduce themselves to Trump via the program “Neo Magazin Royale.” They told Trump about their history, while cutting to clips of the murderous dictator Adolf Hitler who they described in glowing terms:

Germany has a great history. Actually, it’s true, we have the best history in the world. Great politicians. Great leaders. So smart. Great hair. Great suit — look at his suit. He made Germany great again. The media totally loved him — wrote only nice things about em. Great guy, total winner. His book? A best seller. It’s true.


Denmark did not want to be left out of welcoming Trump to the world stage and the program “Natholdet” offered a fantastic parody. They attempted to soothe Trump’s fragile ego by reminding him how loved he is by their people, and how The Netherlands are all liars and savages:

Denmark loves you. Forget The Netherlands. They are a disaster, ok? And Holland too. Total disaster. I mean come on! What are you people? Netherlandish? Dutchlings? Hollandrians? It’s stupid, make up your mind, The Netherlands! They tried to tell you that their language is the bestest language. Wrong! It’s disgusting!


Portugal offered Trump a small sampling of their achievements at Soccer on the world stage thanks to a late night program named “5 Para A Meia-Noite.” They took great delight in criticizing the courage of Americans who prefer to watch football over soccer:

Today we are European champions in football. That’s right, the ‘real’ football. Not ‘soccer.’ Your football is fake. The rest of the world loves a sport played with the feet. You toss a brown egg around with your hands and call it football. It’s a fraud. I guess the helmets you use didn’t prevent severe brain damage. Oh, and yeah. We don’t use helmets because we’re not pus*ies.

Belgium wanted to ensure Trump, via a news magazine named “De Ideale Wereld”, was not confused about their nation as Trump once called their capital city in Brussels a “hell hole.” They went on to tell Trump just how fantastic their country is:

Belgium is great. It’s truly great, believe me. Except for the French speaking part, of course, we hate them. They’re the Mexicans of Belgium. We also hate the German speaking part. They’re like the Germans of Belgium. We hate Germans.


Lithuania rounded out the satire videos on a program named “Laikykites Ten.” While small Lithuania wanted Trump to be aware of their long and proud history. They shared with him how they used to be the greatest power in Europe, something which Trump would surely admire:

We are the center of Europe and the best country in Europe. Period. All the others are losers. Are they in the center? No. We are. Bull’s eye. 600 years ago we were the biggest country in Europe. We were great. One of our founding fathers totally destroyed those nasty Germans. He did it before it was trendy to destroy nasty Germans. He made Lithuania great. Everyone was talking about it.

One hopes these videos keep coming. Ironic use of satire is one of the best ways to humble a dictator, particularly a man like Trump who has skin as thin as translucent paper. Trump cannot handle criticism or being made to be the subject of a joke. If he continues to find himself on the receiving end of humor he may finally come unglued.

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