El Diablo

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By JJ Evendon

An Island paradise –
once volcanic –
sits in the Atlantic
off the coast of Africa.
Its mountains
draw the inquisitor.

El Diablo
is the tallest of all.
At its peak,
a large stone column
they call: ‘Devil’s finger’
lies hidden by cloud
and is rarely seen.

Where there are mountains,
there are secrets.
The ‘Devil’s finger’ too holds a secret.

It is said that:
“When the mist thins
and tranquility falls upon the peak,
an angel will appear and good fortune will be bestowed on
those she smiles upon”.

Some things bring heaven closer to us than we think.
It’s understanding of what those things are
enable us to hold on to those beliefs.

As the wind returns,
I see the angel turn and smile
before disappearing in thick cloud
maybe forever.
I am happy, for she too caught my smile.

by JJ Evendon

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