Extremely Rare Phenomenon Sucked Water From Bahamas Beach

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Hurricane Irma is so strong it has literally sucked away the ocean from shorelines in the Bahamas.

Incredible footage posted to social media shows Long Island without a coastline, with the sea water nowhere in sight.

Twitter user @Kaydi_K posted to Twitter saying:

I am in disbelief right now… This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing!!! That’s as far as they see #HurricaneIrma wtf

The rare phenomenon occurred because of the severe low pressure at the center of Irma, which causes the sea to recede, almost like a vacuum.

The Washington Post’s deputy weather editor and meteorologist Angela Fritz says this phenomenon originates from what she calls the ‘bulge’ of the hurricane

At the center of Irma is a big bulge of water caused by the low pressure, which has resulted in the strange lack of water on the coast

It is not expected the water will come rushing back in a tsunami like wave, but will gently return back to the shoreline by this afternoon.

Originally, residents of Long Island were concerned the disappearance of the sea was a sign of an impending tsunami, but experts have reassured them this is not the case.

Irma has moved on from the Bahamas and has landed in Florida, where it will head north up the coastline.

The death toll from Irma in the Caribbean Islands is currently at 25, but that is expected to rise when Hurricane Jose hits the archipelago.

There is also the added complication of getting aid to these islands, especially with another hurricane on the way

It is estimated that as much as 90% of buildings on some islands are destroyed, which could make Hurricane Jose more deadly.

Florida is currently in a state of emergency and many people have evacuated as Hurricane Irma hit the Southern coast of the island.

SOURCE: unilad.co.uk

via : http://www.ftwinsane.com/extremely-rare-phenomenon-sucked-water-from-bahamas-beach/



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  1. I am more concerned about where the water is going to end up. I have had prophetic dreams of sudden water. So bad that I woke up with the taste of salt water in my mouth. I live nowhere near the ocean.

  2. This video is a couple of years old happens all the time at home during spring tide it’s a nonsense story sorry but bovine feces

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