Gene edited babies

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Is it illegal yes for the most part, there are restrictions on the modifying of human genes, countries have different laws on what you can and can’t do and some places are trying to lift certain bans like California, but when has that ever stopped people or secret groups from breaking the law. CRISPR gene editing, a powerful technique for rewriting living genomes, which has already been used in (nonviable) human embryos and has inspired calls for a voluntary moratorium on editing human egg, sperm, and embryonic cells as they say It could be used to help to stop genetic defects, they could even edit bad genes or remove unwanted genes all together.
With the Understanding the genes from all creachers witch has been underway since at least the 1970’s and I would of thought in secret since the 50s and with this knowledge, gene editing will be used to help cure diseases, make designer animals like glow in the dark rabbits which scientist have already made, and all sorts of weird things, could even be used to bring back species that are extinct.
If the laws are change Imagine in the future you could pick the genetic makeup of your children, what eye color, build, height, skin color ect. I sure this will be offered at sometime in the future to the super rich at first. With the adding of different genes from animals into humans at what point will we no longer be classed as humans??
Do you think gene editing should get the green light for trials in humans ??

Super soldiers
have you watched the films Universal Soldier released in 1992, Universal Soldier The Return 1999,
Universal Soldier Regeneration 2009, Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning 2012,
these films could be closer to the truth then you think!!!
I’m sure the military all ready have some super soldiers in military service and in government agencies. Imagine they could run super fast, could be bigger,or average size so they can blend in, could see better in the dark, could have better eyesight or even bionic eyes to see threats miles away, they could heal faster or even grow limbs back!! like some animals can.
With gene eating the possibilities could be endless.
The military could even have super animal soldiers.

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