Incredible Energy Healing Between Wolf and Human

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In the footage, you’ll see an energy healer, relieving the wolf’s suffering by going within her energy and spiritual fields, putting Apricot into a spiritual healing trance. It’s absolutely incredible how quickly the wolf accepts this loving energy and undergoes a rather remarkable transformation.

Apricot suffers from a painful neurological disorder that can’t be cured. Initially, the only relief she had came from pain medications which caused a number of devastating side effects. Fortunately, a better alternative was found…Less

At Earthfire Institute, a 40-acre wildlife sanctuary and retreat center on the western slope of Grand Teton National Park, near Driggs, Idaho, humans give to animals, and they give back. Amazing interactions take place between the humans and creatures that live here, including some that are life-changing. source

The sanctuary provides a home for animals that aren’t capable of living in the wild as well as a safe place for humans to meet them.

Get a tissue for this one, you’ll need it!

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