JULIAN’S ALIVE: Wikileaks’ Assange makes live phone appearance at computer conference

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JULIAN Assange has killed off rumours he is dead with a live telephone appearance at a computer conference yesterday.

Conspiracy theories had flooded the internet over whether he had died or been taken into custody since Mr Assange went quiet after being stripped of his internet access in the Ecuadorian embassy around two weeks ago.

Wikileaks itself added to the mystery with a series of tweets culminating in a poll to its Twitterfollowers asking what they would accepts as proof he was still alive.

But when more than 50,000 people called for video proof, none was forthcoming.

Now a video showing Mr Assange making a lengthy telephone call in to the Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre in Argentina yesterday, has emerged online.

Just a photograph of Mr Assange was shown as he spoke about Wikileaks’ recent publication of around 50,000 leaked emails from Hillary Clinton‘s campaign manager John Podesta.

He accused Mrs Clinton’s team of being responsible for his internet being cut off.


via : express

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