Man Who Beat Infant Son To Death Is Beaten To Death By Cellmate

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St. Louis Today reports that a Potosi Correctional Center prisoner has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly beating to death his cellmate, a man serving life in prison for beating his infant to death in St. Louis in 2010.

Brandon Kulhanek, 38, was charged this week in the Oct. 14, 2015, death of Daniel Wilson.

A probable cause statement said Kulhanek and Wilson got into a fight in their cell. Wilson, 35, was pronounced dead at Washington County Hospital. The autopsy showed Wilson died from a crushed larynx.

The 7-month-old son of Wilson died after suffering a fractured skull and severe brain injuries in a January 2010 beating.
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  1. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, may be aprapos, however, darkness cannot reside in the same space as light, for too long, before one or the other is extinguished. In this case, light brought with it a reckoning, for the death of an innocent child, and the extiguishing of darkness capable of absorbing such a vast amount of light

  2. CHARGING him with 1st degree MURDER!!?? They SHOULD let him out for GOOD behavior and GET him a damn MEDAL. 😣😡😠 WHY does it seem like inmates in PRISON have a HIGHER regard for OUR CHILDREN than this “GOVERNMENT” does??? That man did us ALL a FAVOR. HE SERVED JUSTICE, better than ANY COURT WOULD. DUDE was OBVIOUSLY not even HUMAN.. BEATING HIS 7 month old to DEATH??? That outstanding Inmate did not commit a MURDER. He put a RABID ass ANIMAL out of it’s MISERY so it wouldn’t get out and HARM anymore CHILDREN!! Where’s the crime in that???

  3. Yay!!!

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