Mongolian mummy’s 1,500yo ‘Adidas’ trainers have internet hooked (PHOTO)

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The rare and ancient discovery of a mummified woman in Mongolia has been overshadowed by an obsession with her footwear, as people liken the 1,500-year-old boots to a pair of Adidas sneakers.

Archaeologists unearthed the female’s remains on the Mongolian side of the Altai Mountains, more than 2,800 meters (9,186ft) above sea level.

Alongside the ice-preserved body, a number of artifacts including an iron kettle, pillows, cotton coats, and a sacrificed horse were found in what is believed to be an ancient Turkik burial site.

Researcher B Sukhbaatar told the Siberian Times that the grave is a “rare phenomenon”.

“It is the first complete Turkik burial at least in Mongolia – and probably in all Central Asia… These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkiks,” he said.

Despite being a groundbreaking find, social media users have been busy wondering whether the woman was actually a time traveler with a penchant for sports footwear. Sounds plausible, right?

A picture of the corpse’s feet released by a Mongolian museum sparked the bizarre Adidas theory, with three lines resembling the German sport brand’s logo seen on a pair of tattered traditional shoes.

“Didn’t know they had Adidas back then…,” commented one LiveLeak user, before people ran amuck with bizarre speculation online.

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