My thoughts on the future

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Lots of people try to predict the future they often say stuff will happen in the next 10 years or so.
so where is my fucking hoverboard.
So what does the future hold ?

Lab grown meat

There has been a lot of talk about lab grown meat over the last few years it could be in shops as soon as 2021 according to the independent newspaper. Animals rights groups like the idea and often people refer to it as “clean meat” no death of a animal sounds good but what will happen to farms once the market is flooded with lab grown meat. Farms will go bankrupt, their will be no need and no profit to keep farm animals, species will go extinct.


technology is moving as such a fast pace, in lots of different areas, lots of to help people but it makes us lazy on a hole. With great understanding of the world and space, on how things work, things are changing at a alarming rate in the technology field.
I’m sure tec will help control and manage and help people from AI. robots to computers but at what cost to society. With robots replacing the workforce witch is slowly happening now, will we all be on benefits of some type??
What will we do with all the extra free time we will have??
I’m sure tec will help save earth, well what left of it, if the human race doesn’t kill it self first.
Will we leave earth to travel the stars ? I’m sure we will sooner or later some people say we have in secret. we may all have to leave if we don’t look after the planet better.


from smart weapons to cyborgs to killer robots. I’m sure the elites want most of us dead as soon as they have robots to do all the work they don’t want to do. When do I think this will happen, I believe with in the next 150 years.
where there is trouble there is always the chance of revolution or revolt, just like France at the moment revolting over petrol prices. with the elite milking us like cows is there a chance of a worldwide revolution, I don’t think so but I have hope, maybe it will happen when they have robots doing most of the work, but I’m sure they will give us lots of distractions, like VR games that so realistic we will get so caught up with it like phones and games we won’t look up long enough to see what’s really going on.

I could go on and on about what I believe and think but as always we make are own future the future is not set.
One person can change the future I hope it’s us, never let the idea die.

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