Pastor Joel Osteen asking for donations in return for hosting flood survivors

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The $50-million preacher, Joel Osteen, who lives in a $10 million home, shut the doors to his massive Lakewood Church in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey — even though it can hold up to 16,000 people.

After being shamed on social media pastor Osteen has decided to open up the doors to his megachurch to house some of the flood victims in Houston, Texas.

Just as a reminder, Osteen posted a notice on his website earlier, that the church would be shut over the weekend — and it remained closed Monday.

The pastor said he was unable to offer his venue as a temporary shelter because the highway in front was flooded

Well, it appears Osteen’s PR team made him change his mind. Lakewood Church apparently bought countless air mattresses and are prepping to open their doors.

However, he’s also asking for donations on his website for ‘Hurricane Disaster Relief’, yet doesn’t state exactly how those funds would be allocated. The donation company’s BBB rating was lowered to an F, because Joel Osteen doesn’t disclose how he spend the money.

And he’s suggesting a minimum of $50. What? $10 isn’t enough?

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  1. He really needs to pray

  2. Shame on Joel Osteen for his stuffiness by asking for donations. He has enough money to donate now.

  3. You will know them by their fruits! Rotten apple…seems money is his god.

  4. Shame on you!! First you say your church is flooded then you are asking for donations.. you sir are a multimillionaire.. you call yourself a man of Christ… you sir are no better than jim baker Jerry Falwell. I expected better of you and your character.. you can help the community and handle the bill with your millions. Truly so disappointed in you

  5. This is NOT what Messiah would do!

  6. And I thought he was different. I’ve been standing by him…I’m done.

  7. I would not trust this man with a dime. Shame on him for his heartless actions this past week. Never liked mega churches because it is mega money. Too late and too ma
    many sorry excuses for the behavior of this ministry. Houston doesn’t need you anymore. They stepped up to the challenge and so many heroic actions to count but you are NOT one of them!

  8. My husband supports Joel until now, but not anymore.
    It’s in times like this that true colors show. Shame on you Joel, but one thing is for sure. God is watching EVERYONE.

  9. He has 56 million reasons why he don’t need the money. I do believe God tested him and he failed.God made a diaster and your door’s stayed closed. Tsk tsk

  10. What a fucking crook this guy is,but people are STUPID enough to keep giving it to him.Let him get a REAL job!!!!

  11. And you call yourself a Christian a child of God. You sir are nothing but the antichrist and should go to hell for what you have done.I wll pray that when you have to answer to the pearly gates he has mercy on your soul.

  12. It is always interesting to see what people who have done nothing tho improve the lot of others have to say about those who have helped masses lift up from their plights. Perhaps those who are bashing this man of god can volunteer there time to help someone in need, visit a lonely senior, or maybe even just be helpful to friend in need. I wonder how many of those who are on the “Bash Osteen Train” have even been to his (or any other) church in the past several years. Shame on all of you who would judge this mans heart, when you haven’t even figured out where your is yet. I have seen the work this church does and it is apparent that you all have not. Why not visit and find out for yourself?

  13. Such a failure… This is NOT Christianity, it’s selfish and greedy. Shame!

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