Pokemon Go Canada: Accounts Banned Due To Illegal Download

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pjimage-52Image Source: Tech Rumours

Pokemon Go is ranking up the charts as the number 1 most downloaded game in both the App Store and the iTunes Store, and with good reason. This VR Pokemon mobile simulator mimics what it would be like if being a Pokemon Master was actually a real thing in our world.

Currently, Pokemon Go is only available in the United States, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Anywhere else, fans will have to wait for an official launch from Nintendo. But as with all highly anticipated games, just because it hasn’t been officially launched doesn’t mean people won’t find a way to play it anyway.

Aside from a wide majority of Asian countries, Canada also hasn’t had the chance to experience the game in all its full, GPS glory. But according to some sources, the more wily Canadian players have found a way to bypass this little regional availability problem on their mobile devices. This has led to a few unfortunate incidents, including players getting banned by Niantic for cheating the system.

Tech websites have dedicated post after post detailing how to beat the App stores and download the game on Canadian mobile phones. One of them explains the process of “sideloading,” which completely ignores the app store altogether. But the problem is that these methods of illegally downloading the game could lead to worse problems for your device. Users who choose to transact apps outside of App Stores are highly susceptible to malware.

Considering the soaring popularity of the Pokemon gamehackers are probably waiting for any and every opportunity to hack into somebody’s phone. No matter how desperate you are to become a Gym Leader, maybe it’s a better option to just wait for the game to be released by Nintendo in your region? Getting the game to work won’t be a guarantee that it will work all the time, as well. Since it’s region locked, there’s only so much APK downloading can do.

Moreover, the reason for the long, international rollout for the game is as simple as overloaded servers. In fact, this major problem is already causing US and Australia players a lot of grief – what more if the rest of the world used the servers too? Niantic tells Business Insider that they’ve “paused until they feel that they’re comfortable” with the load. “We thought the game would be popular, but it obviously struck a nerve,” says Niantic CEO John Hanke.

So far, Canadian users that have found themselves banned aren’t confirmed to be blacklisted from the servers forever. Did you try to get the game outside of the App store? How did that turn out for you? Let us know what you think about this in the comments below!

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  1. Fellas who of you play Pokemon GO? Amazing game,
    yesterday i caught rare pokemon Blastoise using pokebusterbot !
    No ban so far, still using it. You should too.

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