Portuguese carnival mocks Trump and Kim Jong-un

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Portuguese revellers portray Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as sharks, in a yearly carnival famed for its political satire.

A carnival chariot is seen with figures of U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a parade in Torres Vedras, Portugal February 11, 2018. REUTERS/Pedro Nunes

Thousands of people turned out on Sunday, despite rain, to parade and party through the streets of the town of Torres Vedras, which closes down every year for a five-day celebration which organisers expect to draw 350,000 people.

“We do carnival because it’s a custom, we can’t go without carnival!” said Afonso, 58, who was dressed as a maid looking after a baby. “The carnival in Torres is the most Portuguese there is.”

This year’s theme is Tides and Oceans. On a tableau in the town centre, there is a figure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a mermaid. The heads of Putin and Kim are attached to the bodies of sharks holding knives and forks.

President Donald Trump also appears with a shark’s body and is held fast by Neptune, god of the sea.

Floats are driven through the town. One has another figure of Trump sitting on a toilet shaped like the planet earth. Behind him is an angry Kim Jong-un holding a rocket.

“We have a great variety of originality,” said Cesar Costa, one of the organisers. “This is a carnival about political and social satire.”

Carnivals marking the start of Lent have been celebrated in Portugal for centuries and in many towns last several days.

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