Putin Bored by Netanyahu’s Bible Stories, Invites Israeli PM to Join Real World

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Netanyahu’s Sore Loser Summit with Putin in Moscow did not go quite as plannedNo one cares about your stories about Moses.

It seems that we missed a crucial exchange from yesterday’s Sore Loser Summit in Moscow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Moscow on Thursday to complain to Putin about big, bad Iran and how tragic it is that Tehran destroyed legions of “moderate” rebels and ISIS fanatics in Syria.

Here’s Netanyahu, tissue in hand, telling Putin some Bible stories:

Thank you for your congratulations on the upcoming Purim holiday. In ancient Persia, an attempt was made to destroy the Jewish people 2,500 years ago, and it failed. This is what this holiday celebrates. Today, ancient Persia’s successor, Iran, continues attempts to destroy the Jewish state.

Putin’s  reply:

Putin noted that those events had taken place “in the fifth century BC,” added that “we now live in a different world” and suggested discussing the actual up-to-date problems in the region.

Can you imagine how tedious and petty international relations would become if each and every country on earth cited events from 2,500 years ago in order to rationalize their geopolitical worldviews?

Yes, we live in a different world. The “real” world.

via : russia-insider

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