Raising money for an Anonymous brother in need.

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Joao is a long standing and well loved Anon. Over many years he has worked really hard to help us Anon’s do as much as he can to stand up for peoples rights world wide, as well as helping individuals, such as myself at times.
To the many Anons who already know him, he is a good friend and brother who has recently fallen on hard times..
Joao and his family have recently lost their home and are struggling to get somewhere new to live. Unfortunatly, Joao is presently unemployed at the moment even though he has been trying really hard to find work.
He has told me that when he has accoumplished rehoming his loved ones, he is going to have to leave his family temporaly so he can travel in the hope of gaining employment so he can send money back home.
I think it would be nice to show how much love we have for him and can show a little gratitude back his way. Please contibute whatever you can spare and share this fundraiser post amongst as many Anonymous groups as possible.



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