Bad hackers and scammers make internet censorship worse.

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Bad hackers and scammers, hacking groups too could make internet censorship worse, by threatening to give bad reviews unless Companies Pay a ransom.
Also this could make companies such as twitter and google crackdown harder on fake bot accounts that spread fake reviews or just fake accounts in general . Large companies will also put pressure on social media companies to remove what they believe to be fake reviews even if they are not fake.
The will be done with existing AI algorithms and new ones that are being made as you read this.
Reports of incidences of spamming by bots and fake accounts on Twitter have been increasing. Such accounts can help trend and spread fake news and news that may be true, and opinions that companies don’t like. causing offence to people and political parties, creating confusions and potentially, spreading rumours. Also, using bots and fake accounts to trend a topic on Twitter or generate artificial likes is becoming commonplace online today.
AI bots can be used for good and bad reason like chatbots for answering questions. funny bots to cheer you up, bots to spread alternative media news.
Hackers and people that make fake accounts and bots do it for different reasons, for fun, to make money, to stay anonymous, protect themselves and family, like journalists, or to spread there news quicker, some do it to scam people with no come backs or just because their don’t want people in general to know who they are, just because you use a fake account or make bot accounts doesn’t make you a criminal.
here is a list of a few chatbots and bots you mite like.
Tutor Bot is a robotic teacher.
Mitsuku, considered to be the most human-like.
Rose, is a chatbot, and a very good one  she won recognition in the past as the most human-like chatbot in a competition described as the first Turing test, the Loebner Prize in 2014 and 2015.
Right Click is a startup that introduced an A.I.-powered chatbot that creates websites.
Poncho is a Messenger bot designed to be your one and only weather expert.
Insomno bot is for night owls. As the name suggests, it is for all people out there who have trouble sleeping.
Dr A.I. It asks about symptoms, body parameters and medical history, then compiles a list of the most and least likely causes for the symptoms and ranks them by order of seriousness.
Melody by Baidu, It lives inside the existing Biadu Doctor app. This app collects medical information from people and then passes it to doctors in a form that makes it easier to use for diagnostic purposes or to otherwise respond to.
Astro AI. To help with you inbox.
If you would like to make a chat bot, or bots check out Creating a Chatbot with Deep Learning or Python, AutoIT, and TensorFlow.
Source of info: The web.
written by: AgentX

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