Seattle Police Open NIRVANA’s Kurt Cobain Death Case And Share New Photos

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Kurt Cobain died more than twenty years ago, but there is a level of curiosity about his death that rises above the average cult conspiracy. The Chief of Police who oversaw Cobain’s investigation — Norm Stamper, stated that he would re-open the Nirvana rock legend’s caseif he were still holding his position.

Let’s be clear here, there is nothing more damning than the man with arguably the most inside knowledge about the investigation stating that there might need to be a second look at the case. This comes following recent information brought forth by Courtney Love’s own private investigator — which was profiled in the recent documentary Soaked In Bleach.

Earlier today, the Seattle Police department re-opened Kurt Cobain’s case file to release new images of the shotgun at the center of the investigation. Many detractors online believed the weapon had been destroyed to conceal evidence.

What’s even more telling is the fact that the weapon still hasn’t been destroyed after what was labeled an ‘open and shut’ case by so many. Traditionally, law enforcement professionals will purge evidence related to a case after a certain amount of time once the investigation is complete. Obviously, someone feels strongly enough about the case that they felt the need to hang on to the weapon used.

Lets be clear: No government agency would ever come out and publicly state their opinion. The police are not in the business of stating their opinion, they are in the business of providing facts and proving facts. You won’t hear from them until they can prove that he didn’t kill himself.

All signs seem to indicate that someone could be actively looking into the case. Again, this isn’t a situation of far fetched conspiracies. There are legitimate questions that need to be answered regarding the death of Kurt Cobain. The lead investigator who handled the case was actually fired. The Chief who handled the case at the time says he would re-open the case. These are all very interesting developments that have occurred within the last year.

The recent documentary released about Cobain’s death and the suspicion surrounding it is currently on Netflix — Soaked in Bleach. Take a look at the gun below.

It’s almost longer than the man who is holding it. The report claims that Cobain was able to pull the trigger while he was sitting down. Evidence in the documentary Soaked in Bleach all but disproves that theory scientifically.

These are things many don’t want to discuss, but as time goes on, it has become apparent that another look is warranted in Cobain’s case… and the Seattle police might be hinting that this is exactly what they’re doing.

Here are the photos released by Seattle Police earlier today:




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