“Shodan” The Hacker’s Search Engine, The Scariest Search Engine On Internet

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“When people don’t see stuff on Google, they think no one can find it. That’s not true.”

That’s according to John Matherly, creator of Shodan.

The scariest search engine on the Internet. Launched in 2009, Shodan is more of a prying eye across the world through the IoT rather than just a simple search engine.

Unlike Google (GOOG), which crawls the Web looking for websites, Shodan navigates the Internet’s back channels. It’s a kind of “dark” Google, looking for the servers, webcams, printers, routers and all the other stuff that is connected to and makes up the Internet.


SHODAN Hacking Alerts:
are live vulnerability RSS feeds regularly pulling search results from the SHODAN search engine. Bishop Fox’s free defensive tools incorporate SHODAN data into its defense alerts by utilizing the feature to turn SHODAN search results into RSS feeds by appending &feed=1 to common SHODAN query URLs. As an example: http://www.shodanhq.com/?q=Default+Password&feed=1
These free RSS alerts can be utilized to perform ongoing monitoring of SHODAN results for any new vulnerability exposures related to organizations. They are part of the free defensive tool suite of the Google Hacking Diggity Project, which form a type of intrusion detection system for search engine hacking (including results from SHODAN, Google, Bing, etc.).


Shodan runs 24/7 and collects information on about 500 million connected devices and services each month. It’s stunning what can be found with a simple search on Shodan. Countless traffic lights, security cameras, home automation devices and heating systems are connected to the Internet and easy to spot.

So are you going to play around with the scariest search engine on internet ?  😉
Don’t be Evil 😀

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