Sounds Like Miley Cyrus Is Now Hating On Weed

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By now, practically the whole world knows that Miley Cyrus has put down the pipe. But after years of smoking, why the sudden change of heart? While appearing on The Tonight Show, Miley spoke with Jimmy Fallon about her reasons for giving up the herb. Not only did she blame her love for nipple pasties on pot, but also her lack of passion towards her music in the past. So is she against it or what? Check out the video below, and you be the judge.

Miley’s had a change of tune

When Miley first announced that she was giving up weed, the world lost its mind. According to the star, her decision for putting down the pipe was so that she could clean up her image.

Instead of leaving it at that, she is continuing to come up with more and more reasons as to why she is now sober. And the cannabis community can’t help but be offended.

During the video, Miley dishes them out to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. First, she starts off by saying the reason she wore all those weird animal suits was because she was high. Then, she made a comment about how she wanted to be “more clear” when it came to her upcoming album.

Oh, but that’s not all. Miley also says she had a dream involving death and weed, which as many of you know do not mix. While she did admit that no one has ever died from smoking pot, she also said that’s because no one has ever smoked more than her.

Miley may not be intentionally trying to spread hate towards weed. But at this point, it sure seems like she’s blaming it for just about everything.

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