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  1. You can’t compress the people’s revolution when we are slowly starting to take back our lives from the corruption of every government body’s. It’s disgusting you are trying to silence the truth

  2. Disclaimer: I don’t feel like properly proof reading and editing the following because there the design of this comment module doesn’t address the importance of any need for it.

    Silencing the truth is one of two things. It’s either convinced that death need not be only the cause from silence, or it’s too lazy to insist upon more than its own opinion to count for both seeing and hearing at a level at least approaching basic proficiency For example, I offer the following as a solution rather than another problem despite perhaps resolving a problem causing now two problems which need solving. The personal is the political in essence; it’s not the moral solution to have the courage to be among the breed of dummies, no matter how rare and refined as royal or to be so refined by and for particular some particular clique here and there, now and then. That is to say, reestablishing the importance for what is ethical must be the higher priority for all without coercion inadvertently or not. No excuses for high standards being moral supremacy before inadvertently or not dismissing ethics just evenly a wee bit. If that means standing in place while the line moves forward and finding oneself essentially the new parents with or without children left behind still further not permitted to move? Stilly, then, at that new point, one can prove valuable for making the case one’s morals are more important than a credibly ethical discourse among all the rest being less than some moral standard to be living and breathing and freely managing one’s own insistence about requirements which must be met in order to qualify as ample private room for quiet enjoyment of one’s own home including the natural environment surrounding it. Affronts to Détente Gar Nichts!

    The credible evidence extracted from Big Data over time based on significantly valid methodologies and each extraction reproduced the number of times necessary with only slight variation(s) between the independent and dependent variable(s). Primarily, such that such replications should be to address the questions determined among the vast majority of highly qualified professionals who understand the exacting science skills which correlate the hypothesis with the results; the results in turn, in so far as a continuance to further test the hypothesis simultaneously checking to make certain testing is not primarily conducted for the purpose of weakening validity in spite of the evidence being clearly in support of establishing a highly qualified ethical basis as a tertiary main objective. Moreover, furthermore, the primary objective of a study hypothesis should strongly align perpendicular toward the establishment of a consensus among highly qualified professionals respectfully know by consistently demonstrating the absolute importance of seeing the truth more as the result from endeavors which are only widely perceived to be deserve credibility rather than both the endeavors and the perceptions being themselves based upon expectations which are valid in the first place to be drivers the power source of the kind most suitably tapped effectually to promote the credibility of the scientific process as what drives demands for hypotheses. The good news is that in order to go back and start over, We can manage to avoid allowing conditions which would certainly cause that option to fail resulting from lack of resources needed to do it without any key aspects being at all a matter of dependency upon applying sedition to fudge moving forward.

    Always make sure that there is ample ability for individual narrative to exhaust itself naturally and choose itself to rest before the capacity of even a potential audience to hear and see and know how to accept or reject a message is too far diminished so as being completely unaware; whether or not the need for each member of an audience to ask for and by oneself how it might be wrong to allow any reference to every individual as being an audience at all. Never mind that only being in terms of future potential. The U. S. must more than refrain from frightening others into talking at all before it proves that its own walk has surpassed it’s sensational talk. Moreover, at that point, then, before it should insist upon others self-determination to talk, the surplus given to achieve ahead of its talk might or might not be forgiven with regard to paying back the full tab for both presuming there should have been a bar tab in the first place in addition to the resulting |debt| so egregiously….

  3. Meanwhile, it’s good marketing to push one or the other word processing software applications which you got on your computer for free to actually be put to some use. The good thing being I could at least have been saving my work for some point in the future.

    P. S. — I’ve realized after far too many times being silenced. I supposed it’s a testament to enjoying my education for the sake of it rather than purely for self promotion… perhaps… in spite of it being because I’m black. Although, then again, when someone black is just being oneself with all his might it’s showing off being boastfully ignorant compared to all other ethnic varieties hardly realizing how utterly hellish. So ein Leben ist nicht einfach.

  4. You are all talking so much shit thagit sickens me. It afucking disgrace! Your are giving anon a bqd name and intentionally making a paragragh that is so large and filled with wide vocabulary of nonsense that even an intelligent mind wouldget confused trying to make c sense of it and i believe is absolutely intentional and it fucking pitiful what desperate measures are being resorted to. Know that if this your only kind of contributions you offering anon and the world then you are a fucking joke and have a trivial existance. Aim higher please!! Peace to ALL peeps! We all have something we are all here to learn. 1Love x x

  5. Travez Big! Ok, like so this dude found himself a bully willing to do the wrong thing, the wrong way, at the wrong time. For the right reasons, AI don’t like you, and she likes everyone. Trrrravez, yoooh, you sound pretty hot, shooooooo

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