Tesla S vs. Boeing 737: Epic drag race promotes sustainability (VIDEO)

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A dramatic race between Tesla’s most powerful electric car and a Boeing aircraft, while being an obvious promotion stunt for Qantas Airlines and Tesla Motors’ push for sustainability, still thrilled speed maniacs but left them wondering: who won?

To mark their partnership Qantas Airlines and Tesla Motors came up with a stunt to promote sustainability and show off their love for speed. Qantas’ Boeing 737 and Tesla electric car Model S P90D raced against each other in an airport in Melbourne, Australia.

By watching the footage it is really hard to say who the winner of the competition was. At one point Tesla takes the lead, but mere seconds later the airliner, well, takes off.

“In the meantime all carbon emission from this race were offset under Quantas’ Future Planet Program,” concludes the video, apparently implying that the only clear winner was the environment.

The Boeing 737 is capable of generating speeds of 850 miles per hour (1,367 kilometers), with its takeoff speed being around 150 miles per hour (241 kilometers). Tesla’s Model S can generate speed of 100 km per hour in some three seconds, which should give it an early speed advantage on short distances.

Source : RT

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