The Dark Web is Run by the Deep State

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“We corrupt in order to control.”

A reader, “Brabantian,” suspects the Illuminati

are behind much online porn and pedophilia.

This is consistent with my view that humanity has

been inducted into a satanic cult which exploits its members by corrupting and making them sick.

(Disclaimer: Brabantian also claims Julian Assange, Glen Greenwald & Ed Snowden are tied to the CIA. I reserve judgment on this.)

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools & then our tools shape us.”

– Marshall McLuhan, Canadian media theorist (1911-1980)

By Brabantian


It appears the hugely popular ‘free porn video’ sites are secretly funded by governments or billionaire oligarchs, the only people who can afford to host them … Consider:

Videos take huge ‘bandwidth’ (data volume) on the web, versus text pages or photos … Just one video can be over a gigabyte, comprising more data than hundreds of normal website pages … & there is a significant expense in showing such a video millions of times … Yet thousands of hours of porn on the web is free via video ‘tube’ sites, streaming huge waves of pornography that would bankrupt all but the wealthiest website owners

IT sites such as TechCrunch report that at some moments, the world’s most popular free porn video site, XVideos, spikes to more than 2% of ALL the internet traffic data volume IN THE ENTIRE WORLD … just that one free porn website … and there are several others mega-popular as well

The free porn sites have advertising links to pay-per-view, cam girl sites etc … but the economic model does not add up, given the huge expense of transmitting thousands of hours of free video pornography to hundreds of millions of viewers … whatever their ad sales etc revenue, it seems impossible that the ‘pay’ side would fund the giant video hosting operation, even bigger than CIA-Google hosting YouTube.

Furthermore, it is noticeable that there is very partial ‘copyright policing’ on the free porn video sites, unlike with popular recent Hollywood films … It seems the adult site owners, collectively have a memo to ‘go easy’ in permitting the free distribution of their wares.


Porn production seems tied to particular nations & cultures … It is said 80% of the porn is produced in the USA, nearly all by Jewish producers, & with many Jewish actresses & actors as well.

It has been said the largest internet business in the world, is Chinese men navigating around their censor portals to purchase Japanese porn.

PORN is pervading the male youth of every culture. Once on a metro train in a European capital, I was sharing a 4-seat section with 3 lads from the Moroccan community, chuckling over a smartphone video … When the phone was held up for the view of the young man next to me, it was a video of ‘hijab porn’. On the screen, there was a woman wearing a Muslim face veil, a pair of socks and nothing else

Over the last few years, education statistics have reversed, and now females obtain more Master degrees than men in many countries, with women having much more career motivation and drive. It is suggested this is because young male brains have become addled with porn


Various articles now are talking about the huge amount of pedophile material on the ‘Dark Web’, the websites you can only access through special tools like the Tor browser … but this also turns out to be a government operation.T

(Left. The Deep Web appears to be predominantly accessed now via the Tor browser, whose past & present board direction is significantly Jewish, including the rabbi in the Tor team photo etc . And it appears that the major use of the Deep Web / Tor is paedophilia & other gangland transactional crime, drugs etc … not the ‘dissident opportunity’ as claimed, given how in China, Iran etc it appears to be a simple matter to just block Tor from functioning altogether.)

The Tor browser was developed by CIA-tied United States Naval Research Laboratory employees. Tor’s key role in serving paedophiles (as well as drug & human traffickers etc), was exposed by 33-year-old Andrew Anglin, proprietor of the Hitler-Nazi-meme, ‘Daily Stormer’ website, who has since August been shut down repeatedly from a series of ordinary web addresses.

For the 4 million monthly visitors who were viewing his site until August, Anglin has been forced to use the Tor browser, for all those times in between the short intervals he is able to be seen via a normal internet address. Tor lets you ‘host’ a website which ‘floats’ on the ‘Tor nodes’, without needing a specific web ‘url’ address – you can transmit to the world from a simple computer in your closet or cellar.

When the ‘neo-Nazi Daily Stormer’ was forced to start using the ‘paedo-web’ Tor browser, the Tor browser people openly discussed modifying the Tor programme to ban ‘neo-Nazi’ Anglin & the Stormer … But Tor’s board seems to have been shamed by Anglin’s big point that this threat, proved to the world that the Tor designers – openly connected to USA intelligence agencies – have intentionally created Tor for use by pedophiles.

In the past Tor’s directors always avoided blocking pedophiles from Tor, even tho they could easily install tools to repress the pedophile links which thrive on Tor … neo-Nazis bad, but pedophiles OK for the Tor people? As Anglin wrote:

“The Darkweb [accessible through Tor] is mainly used by pedophiles to share child pornography. … The Tor project claims to be designed for Chinese political dissidents – or whatever – but the main use of the software has been for child porn, & it is not believable that this amount of resources would be expended on some shite for Chinese political dissidents who can just buy a normal VPN if they need it. Slave traffickers, terrorists, assassins & drug dealers also use the Tor service … The Tor development team had never given comment on pedophiles or anyone else using the service, but felt the need to come out & condemn the [neo-Nazi] Daily Stormer [after the Daily Stormer was forced to host via Tor]”

Indeed the ‘China dissident’ pretext for Tor seems fake … Governments can easily & simply block usage of Tor, it seems, as China & Iran apparently do … Plus it is easy for any government/internet provider to see if you have downloaded Tor, even if they couldn’t tell where you go using it.

Developed by CIA-tied people, Tor is generally suspected of having back doors to help US gov, CIA-Mossad etc identify any users … including all the Tor-using pedophiles, who may be mostly known to the NSA, CIA & Mossad. This gives them a great gold mine of people who can be blackmailed or destroyed whenever needed … whilst keeping the myth of ‘anonymous Tor’ alive entraps a stream of new people.

Speaking of entrapment, the Tor browser with its child-rape-friendly profile, is aggressively promoted by the fake ‘dissidents’ whom all major governments know are hoaxers, Edward Snowden & ‘not-really-living-at-the-Ecuador-embassy’ Julian Assange, who have left a trail of real dissidents jailed or dead after trusting these fake ‘leakers’ & their media pumpers such as Glenn Greenwald (jailed: Reality Leigh Winner, Lauri Love; dead: Seth Rich, Peter W Smith). That, of course, is a separate big story … here are some excerpts from the report at European intelligence agencies on the Snowden fraud, also touching on the pro-Israel Assange (who was admitted by both Zbigniew Brzezinski & Benjamin Netanyahu to be a fraud run by intel):

Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds

Wikileaks insists on TOR to receive ‘leaks’, of course, after which you may be dead once Assange tells his US paymasters all about you. In the case of Peter W Smith, Assange denied receiving the transmitted Smith leaks once Smith became a corpse.

And it is, in fact, easy to access Tor websites, including its pedophile sites etc., even without using the Tor browser. The late ‘suicided’ hacker dissident Aaron Swartz & others, pioneered ‘Web-2-Tor’ links … Here, for example, is how you can view Anglin’s Hitler-right-wing ‘Daily Stormer’ whether or not he is on the ‘normal’ internet at the moment

The US intel agencies are quite tied to pornography and look to the pornography industry for recruiting key operatives. Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Wales, who used to attend intimate birthday parties of the late Israeli President Shimon Peres, was a pornography seller before he was hand-picked to become the supremo of the CIA’s Wikipedia. Also a former pornography seller – gay pornography in his case – is the Rothschild asset Glenn Greenwald, pumping the ‘Snowden’ hoax that is leaving a trail of dissidents jailed or dead.

Like the US pornography industry, Tor does seem rather Jewish. One former Tor top figure, Jacob Appelbaum, left Tor amidst large public sexual abuse scandals. Here, a link to a photo of Jewish Tor board members with large Jewish synagogue ceremonial Torah scroll

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Note on Assange from Brabantian- Assange is peddling Tor, but as Netanyahu himself blurted out loud, Assange with his Rothschild lawyers is an Israeli asset …It is a matter of open laughter amongst the European foreign services, that people are believing that fairy tale about Assange ‘living at the Ecuador embassy in London’, for the last 7 years (!) in a tiny closet there

Apparently, Assange actually lives at a country estate owned by a friend of the Rothschilds, he gets moved in & out of the Ecuador embassy for photos & meetings – that is why the UK police watch the place, so they can make the ‘coast clear’ for the cars moving him … It is understood the Ecuadorians are bribed to go along … Russian diplomats privately confirm they knew from almost the beginning that Snowden is a fraud as well, it is part of a large trade of favors between the US & Russia that still goes on like it always has done

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First Comment by Anonymous

Brabantian hasn’t walked the streets. Sex freaks don’t use tor. They use YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Google Hangouts. Silicon Valley is too busy banning frog memes and conspiracy talk to end porn. What breaks the Holy Progressive Narrative must go. Porn helps the Holy Narrative of Progress by Sex break Western Civ. So the Valley acts “shocked, shocked to see gambling in this establishment.”

Your worst CP sickos don’t use tor. Look at Comet Ping Pong. Net anons exposed it. It has an open website. No tor, you just type a password. NSA has it and the CP behind it. Pong’s real protection is USGov. Alefantis is obvious CIA. The FBI runs darkweb CP boards “to catch people.” It runs terror plots “to catch people.” Hoover abused twinks. CP rings shared film long before the net. They got protection by USGov masons and spooks. Read Brice Taylor on Gerald Ford.

Tor is a little cricket in a big arena of elephants and their poop. Why the attention? I can get porn from any magazine stand, bookshops with graphic how-to guides, HBO and Netflix “dramas,” or live nude dancing down the street. Grade schools teach anal geometry and hire trannies for story-time. Craigslist has hookers for any fetish. The latest sex scandals involve mobile smartphones. The USGov loves these spy bugs. It gave them away under Obama. Yet it sent suits to libraries heading off new tor nodes.

The agenda is control, the meme doublethink. Privacy is dangerous when we have it, safe when feds do. I call bullshit. They hold power, not us. We need open government and a retrieval of our privacy from same. That’s what tor does. It restores rights as they should exist under honest government.

Why do you put mail in envelopes? Got something to hide? Let’s ban envelopes. Use postcards. There could be CP in envelopes! Don’t you care? Do people really need such thinking help…holy cow what a circus…

To tor’s credit, it did not shut down free speech that it hated. I can live with virtue signaling halted at censorship. Feds run all KKK and neonazi and ISIS groups anyway. They also troll online with computerized chat bots for social engineering. StormFront is another animal. It lives for lolz and triggering. It’s a parody site, if you didn’t know.

StormFront demonstrates the need for tor when Big Tech steamrolls you. Look at Big Tech hypocrites. Allegations abound on Hillary the murderess, bribery queen, Haiti relief thief, “spirit cooker,” and teen/MK sex abuser. Yet the Valley practically ran her campaign, which she nearly won, while wringing its hands over StormFront and its two dozen readers. Yeah, that’s Valley-think.

Feds want surveillance to halt movements and run blackmail, or both as with MLK. Tor helps digital activism. The American Revolution could not have happened without the paper equivalent. It had anonymous pamphlets and articles, aka Federalist Papers. Tor is one of the only tools modern digital activists have that the USGov, China, Russia, Singapore, Saudis, and Israelis can’t defeat. Sometimes the USGov accidentally does something right, like the interstate highways and tor.


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