The Ideology of the Ruling Elite – Video

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Back in the 1960s, a little-known international group of the most powerful man and some women called the Trilateral Commission published a study by one of its members, Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington and others, called “A Crisis in Democracy” which meant to analyze the causes and solutions to resolving what the puppetmasters deemed “an excess in democracy” in America. There were too many of our citizens being emboldened and empowered to rise up against the problems in our society this group believed.

So they came up with a plan to interfere with encroaching democracy, largely by making higher education more and more elusive. This strategy has continued ever since. The owners and publishers of the biggest media outlets belonged to the Trilateral Commission where they rubbed shoulders with the super powerful. The one rule these media people had to agree to was never to cover the Trilateral Commission in their newspapers, magazines, TV news, et al. This is why most Americans never heard of them.

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