This is Who was REMOVED from John F. Kennedy File Release 2017 (VIDEO)

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Wait, so after 54 years they are STILL not releasing ALL files involving the JFK investigation? Let me translate this…

It means that a person(s) is still alive today, that has information related to the death and/or cover-up of John F. Kennedy, who was killed on November 22, 1963.

Watch the video below:


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  1. A nation hijacked making everything since questionable and tragic. A gullable nation at the time – WW2 in the collective memory, then the JFK assassination’s sorrow and disbelief – I sincerely don’t know how our nation would have responded if the truth via warren commission was announced.

    I do know this; we would have recovered somehow, and today we would not have the blatant corruption and corrupt lifers in our government, blatant aspects began 1995 with the sexual predictor lowlife in chief. Him not facing true and appropriate justice opened the floodgates to a selfish, do whatever you want branches of government – realizing that if Clinton’s crimes and coverups, not to mention depraved moral compass did not face harsh but deserved punishment, anything could be done without fear of reprisal. Precedent by the president is one piece of his horrible legacy.

    The Bush legacy from JFK, Vietnam to 9/11 are legacy of the corrupt bush family. Sadly – for our country. It really explains why we have nosedived morally and judicially as a nation since the end of ww2. Sickening.

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