January 21, 2022

1 thought on “Trinity From The Matrix Explains How We Are Living In An Actual Matrix

  1. The hard reality is over the last 100 years, like throughout history, the global elite through controlling the money, governments, education, media and entertainment have successfully prevented enough evolution of human creativity in the people to ever create a system to replace the one the controllers today setup/control. All to keep “the people” too dumbed down/distracted to ever understand this rigged game of life all “the people”enter at birth.
    We have all been trained to feel insignificant and powerless against it.

    After many years of studying health and the globalist world government plan it gave me the ability to began to see the patterns of my own struggles/behavior. That was my path to awakening. Today I clearly understand we the people are fighting a world wide Monarchy Debt Contract Fraud Scam. To date we the people have not written laws to protect us from the global elite one world government plan. In reality our Treasury is controlled by the International Monetary Fund which is controlled by the World Bank which is controlled by the United Nations which is owned by the British Crown and the Vatican.

    If the people do not wake up to choose to understand what is planned by the worlds elite it does not matter what type of social system we implement, or what kind of economic model we employ. Even if the internet was actually used to promote enlightened thinking on a massive scale none of it can better humanity if we do not also stop the current organized global elite world government plan.

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