Video, Angelina Jolie talks about her illuminati blood sacrifice experience

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Although humanity is upgrading to higher frequencies, darkness is still in power. While most of us lightworkers do good work by exploring our true essence of the soul, there are so many exploring their evil side, especially in the art industry. One of them is the famous actor, Angelina Jolie.

In a leaked video, she appears as a dark soul, talking about her experience with Illuminati sacrifices. It is well known now that members of the Illuminati group do blood sacrifices to their God, Satan.

I personally find it very weird that a Hollywood star bows down to the darkness, but at the same time interesting. Although all of us have our own dark side, balance is what we should seek for.

“It’s like, I would’ve filmed it, in order to encourage like everybody, all different types of celebrities… But there is that thing where it’s like… A lot of people understand it, maybe with S&M. And they think… It’s superficial… And I have to like explain to people how, like where it’s more like… You’re tied down because you need to like…  Be able to, like, have something hold you down to keep you still…  Or like you you’ll fight or absolutely go mad. You’ll be able to heal once you’re beaten.”, says the star in her private video.


via : awakepanda

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