Vinnie Jones posts photo of 100 foxes ‘he shot dead’ on Twitter (before deleting it)

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Animal campaigners call it ‘nothing less than a massacre’

The avid hunter later deleted his tweet – where he asked ‘anyone beat this’? – after it triggered a backlash on the social media site Getty

Former football hard-man Vinnie Jones has sparked fury after posting a grisly photo on Twitter of 100 foxes he apparently shot dead, boasting: “A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?”

The Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star, 52, claimed he gunned down the defenceless animals, whose bloody corpses are seen spread out across a field, in a night hunt.

Animal campaigners described it as “nothing less than a massacre”.


But a hunting organisation doubted the Hollywood actor could have found 100 foxes in any given area in rural Britain – suggesting Jones had killed the animals abroad or had stretched the truth.

The former Wimbledon and Chelsea midfielderis an avid hunter and has caused controversy in the past after posting photos of his ‘kills’ on his Twitter account.

Mr Jones, who lives in Los Angeles but has a country cottage in Sussex, has shared various pictures of himself next to his bloody spoils – including one picture of him posing next to 16 dead rabbits.

Philippa King, chief operating officer for the League Against Cruel Sports, hit out after Mr Jones last night posted the photo of the 100 slain foxes on his Twitter page.

Ms King said: “The extermination of such a large number of foxes cannot be interpreted as simply dealing with a rogue fox problem or wildlife management.

“Although the activity may be legal, there is no doubt it is unethical and likely totally unjustified – as fox populations are self-regulating.“The joy expressed here highlights the true nature of this activity, which is killing wildlife for fun and has nothing to do with fox control.”

(Vinnie Jones/Twitter)

Mr Jones later deleted his controversial tweet after animal lovers lashed out on the social media site.

One wrote: “Loved Vinnie Jones as a footballer especially in Leeds days but can’t respect someone that kills innocent animals for fun. Shocking!”

Another commented: “ Vinnie Jones, hard man of film and football thinks it hard to kills foxes and enjoy shooting. Now has deleted this but too late!”

A poster also complained: “I’ve always loved Vinnie Jones. After seeing this tweet I’d happily lamp him myself. #vile #disgusting #cruel #keeptheban”

And one Tweeter said: “Here’s self proclaimed ‘tough guy’ @vinniejones65 bragging about his sickening pastime #AnimalRights”.

via : independent

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