Watch: Russian News Agency Shows Off “Father of All Bombs”

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After the successful detonation of the United States military’s “Mother of all Bombs,” Russia decided to debut its own weapon, dubbing it the “Father of all Bombs.” Of course, in true Vladimir Putin fashion, Russia is boasting that the bomb is supposedly even stronger than the United States MOAB.

In a video that was released via Russia Today, the “Father of all Bombs” was premiered. The segment focused on the successful testing of the bomb, which is said to have a blast comparable to a nuclear weapon but without any of the radiation fallout.

This comes as a response to the United States’ recent strike on Afghanistan in which there are at least 94 confirmed deaths of Islamic State group fighters. Russia, not wanting to be outdone, had to show the U.S. their big daddy bomb, and the timing couldn’t be more purposeful.

“Its effectiveness and capabilities are comparable to nuclear weapons,” deputy chief of staff of the Russian armed forces Alexander Rukshin said on the video, provided by The Daily Caller.

“At the same time use of this weapon does not damage or pollute the environment,” and instead leaves the ground looking like the “surface of the moon.”

Funny how that comparison is made, because only American astronauts have seen first-hand what the surface of the moon looks like.

via : conservativetribune

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