January 26, 2022

1 thought on “Why ?

  1. The best explanation i can think of relates to agenda 21/30, the culling of the world’s population. What’s funny is that we never hear of the elitists ever dying of cancer or similar illnesses. They know that cannabis cures cancer, and have known for a very long time. It is illegal because they can profit from sick people, not cured people. as for cigarettes, it’s the chemicals in them that do the damage, not the tobacco itself. Go to any non western nation and cigarettes there are like $2 a pack, have no chemicals, and you can enjoy them. Only in western nations are cigarettes laced with chemicals, which cause all sorts of illnesses, requiring people to spend yet more money on medicines. Also add to this the fact that governments impose a massive tax on cigarettes is the only reason that these products are NOT illegal, because making them illegal would seriously damage their revenue. The corrupt people who made all this possible go all the wey to the very top…

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